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Welcome to the International School of Reconciliation Studies! We are a diverse international community of storytellers, scholars, and praying servants, who are sharing our stories together... seeking to respond to God's summons to be Biblical reconcilers.

We're pleased to welcome you with us on this journey. C.S. Lewis said; "Is there any pleasure on earth as good as a circle of Christian friends by a fire?" I have sat by the fire and listened to the story tellers and scholars you're about to meet, and I have found my heart enlarged, my mind challenged, and the borders of my being extended. I trust that will be your experience as well, as you journey with us.

We have designed this course to take approximately 9-12 months to complete. We welcome you to join us, it is best taken with a group of friends so you can meet occassionally over maté/chai/coffee/tea and pray and think outloud together. However if you do not have a group to join we will assist you on your journey.

We want this journey to not just be informational, but transformational. Ultimately, we believe true transformation comes from Biblical meditation, leading to a rich life of prayer and obedience.

Let us know how we can be praying for you as you work your way through the stories and Scripture. No question is too small. We are anticipating pondering, listening, praying, and humbling our way deeper into God's heart.

All for the Lamb,
Fawn Parish, Director
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